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What services does Cleanpro provide?

We provide Hygiene Services as well as Commercial Cleaning. This includes Washroom Services, Commercial Cleaning and First Aid Solutions.


We are proudly Perth’s favourite independently owned and operated hygiene services company bringing together the very best products from around the world to provide a premium standard in washroom care.

At Cleanpro we are passionate about what we do and are totally committed to providing you with the very best hygiene and cleaning solutions for your business and offer premium, next generation products that are truly world-class.

We believe in putting our customers first and provide total service management, including free product delivery and installation, complete product maintenance and flexible service arrangements to satisfy their wide-ranging needs.

We lead the industry in supplying textile rental programs, providing entrance mats, restroom supplies, hygiene services, first aid, commercial cleaning services, pest control and industrial carpet and tile cleaning.


For more information on Cleanpro go to: https://www.swsgroup.com.au/cleanpro