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What are the benefits of a uniform program?

Improve brand recognition, employee safety, morale, save time and money, just to name a few...


Creating a stronger corporate image – Increase awareness, identity, and credibility of your employees, products, and business.

Enhancing employee safety – Meet and exceed safety requirements by reducing the risk employees face everyday.

Improving employee morale and performance – Provide a benefit that decreases turnover, increases quality, and promotes teamwork.

Saving time and money – Focus employee and monetary resources on the priorities of your business.

Improving brand recognition – Enhance your identity and professionalism.

Ways Work Uniforms Keep You Safe

How many days has it been since your last safety accident? Safety is priority number one at northeast Ohio companies, so they have rules and procedures set in place to ensure their team stays safe on the job. But did you know uniforms can be the difference between a safe workplace and a not-so-safe one?

From identification to federal safety standards, there are plenty of reasons why workwear keeps your facility safe.

Employee Identification

Not only is identification good for customers, but it’s also great for safety. Uniforms allow first responders to identify your team in emergencies easily. They also ensure you and your customers know who belongs and who does not. And when your team is out in the field, customers will feel safe knowing the man or woman at their door is a certified professional and not a threat to their safety.

Workplace Dangers

FR and hi-vis uniforms keep your team safe from dangerous work environments. Federal regulations state that specific industries must use protective clothing on the job and for a good reason. Those who work with combustibles are much safer in flame resistant clothing as are road workers with high visibility gear.

Contain Contamination

Clothing can easily spread germs and other contaminants around your facility. But professionally laundered uniforms can prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria and keep your team healthy.

Temperature Regulation

Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the peak of winter’s cold, extreme temperatures and weather can cause safety hazards. Appropriate uniforms ensure your team is appropriately dressed for the weather so they can avoid frostbite and heat exhaustion.