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Is there any odour when you spray for pests?

Generally, no.


Actually, the odour of a pesticide has nothing to do with how toxic it is. But many people do associate odour with toxicity. They feel that the stronger the smell, the more toxic and the more potentially hazardous the pesticide.

When exposed to strong odours of any kind, some people have negative reactions. It seems that, as a nation, we have become much less tolerant of invasive smells like the perfume of the woman who works in the next cubicle. People exposed to certain smells complain of headaches, nausea, breathing difficulties, mood changes, and fatigue.

Can odour cause illness? Or are these symptoms all in the head? We know that people vary greatly in their ability to detect odours. And we know that some people react more strongly to odours that they consider to be “disagreeable.”

Most treatments are odourless, but you are always welcome to ask our consultants or pest controllers prior to implementation.