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Do you check Quality Control of cleaning services?

We do Regular Cleaning Audits.


Regular Cleaning Audits:

The role of the assigned Cleanpro Contracts Manager is to ensure that the cleaning contract is running smoothly and that we are delivering a reliable and professional cleaning service.  Part of this service is to carry out regular cleaning audits through our online auditing system. The Contracts Manager inspects the site, making sure that the cleaning has been carried out to a high standard, noting any necessary improvements.

We use a traffic light scoring system on our audits and invite our customers to attend the cleaning audits.

Good Communication:

One of the keys to the success of any business relationship is good communication.  This is one of our greatest strengths.  As well as the regular quality audits, we provide a daily communication log book which is left on site and designed to help customers communicate directly with the cleaning staff.  This is especially useful if the cleaning is performed outside of working hours.